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Who Or What Is Athena Nightstar?

Following a vegan diet or lifestyle for any period of time, is not an easy thing to do. There can be so much confusion over what is or isn’t vegan. Sometimes I still get a shock when I discover that things I thought were vegetarian or vegan, contain animal products in them. Who honestly ever thought that a packet of breadcrumbs would contain fish in it? I know I didn’t, I just assumed it was breadcrumbs with preservatives added to help them stay in date longer. Without reading the labels of every single product that you buy when you go shopping, you could be unknowingly eating something that you probably don’t even want to think about.

This is part of the reason why I decided to start Athena Nightstar. When you are starting on your vegan living journey, it can be difficult to stay on track and keep up with the ever-growing changes that food and clothing companies make to their products. Each month I will be writing about the different parts of every vegan’s journey. This includes the tears and tantrums, from when you discover that you can’t eat your favourite foods anymore, to just exactly what the difference is between a vegetarian and a vegan, and how easy it is to fall off the vegan diet because that cheese platter was just too tempting to resist!!!

Athena Nightstar is here to be a non-judgemental site to help those people who want to change their lifestyle and create a slightly better world around them. My role here is to provide you with facts and information, so you have an easier time adapting to this lifestyle. There is so much mis information about the “crazy vegan lifestyle” and the fact that we quite often have to justify our choices to people who don’t care about our health at any other time, can make things quite frustrating for us. I have always found it odd that people don’t care about your nutrients or how healthy you are at any other time, but as soon as you tell them you are trying plant-based living for a while, the whole world falls apart. How else could you possibly get enough iron or protein, if you don’t eat meat? You would swear some of these people had never heard of a balanced diet or that there are more food groups available to eat from other than the meat and poultry one. My blog will be covering ways to deal with situations like this, and other basic tips for vegans just starting out, along with more in depth articles on animal abuse and cruelty in the fashion, beauty and sport industries and just general advice on how we can live our lives everyday more aware of the impact we are having on the world around us.

Some of you are probably wondering, if there is any meaning behind Athena Nightstar as the name for this site? There is a very large symbolism behind the name and who I am as a person. I have had an affinity with Greek Mythology for most of my life, but it has always been Athena who has stood out the most to me. Not only the Greek Goddess of War but also Arts and Crafts and most importantly,Wisdom. Athena was known as one of the wisest, most courageous and most resourceful of the Olympian Gods. She was one of the most powerful and most respected deities, who helped many Greek Heroes along their journeys, including Perseus, Bellerophon and Jason. I wanted Athena to be part of the name instantly.The second part of the name comes from the fact, I do my best thinking at night. There is something about being up at night with no one else around to disturb me, which brings an inner peace. There is nothing more calming than looking up at the stars, and slowly getting my thoughts in some sort of order, after a day of dealing with whatever ups and downs, life has thrown my way. So, with two of these combined, Athena Nightstar was born.

While Athena Nightstar is starting off as blog for now, I hope to eventually start selling Australian Made Vegan products online. This will include ethically made clothing, merchandise, jewellery, and perhaps even food. The online store is still a long way off from being created, but in the meantime please join me, as we navigate our vegan journey together. From the very basic and somewhat light-hearted articles to more in-depth research, there will be something here for everyone and I hope I can help you navigate the vegan world and make the journey just a little bit easier for you.

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Vanessa Lazarus
Vanessa Lazarus
Dec 08, 2021

Love the name you chose! And really looking forward to your further posts!

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